Someone has their priorities messed up..

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User Comments
kristenwashere (11 years ago)
I wonder what the kid looks like now with all that jackhammer abuse..... ;)
HACKadelick (12 years ago)
It's people like this...who shouldn't be allowed to reproduce....sooooo sad....:(
rockytop60 (13 years ago)
This is from the city I live in. I remember seeing it in the paper...sad, isn't it?
marleena_9 (13 years ago)
hey saughtvol, I know how you feel. Try living in Brooklyn,NY (Flatbush). You would truly see some idiots. This woman just makes me mad. I wish I could smack her.:@
saughtvol (13 years ago)
Don't even get me started on stupid people, I've seen some pretty dumb people, and lets just say I'm from W.V. so we pretty much hold the candle for idiots
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