Feeding My Pet Bass

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User Comments
nabil (9 years ago)
thats amazing
wat fish is dat? and its not sick mate.
MarieDarie (9 years ago)
kakos37 (10 years ago)
The fish had to eat something.
dinkis420 (10 years ago)
sick cock sucker!!!!!! i hope that fish fucking dies!!!!!!! just to piss that prick off
hobbs123 (10 years ago)
you're a real c*ck
hobbs123 (10 years ago)
I agree. There's something really f*cked up about him.
papariz01 (10 years ago)
your a sick M F
HOGGZILLA (10 years ago)
Mcshankers (10 years ago)
I like the WOW playin in the background lol
lester777 (10 years ago)
best one so far
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