Turn Water Into Ice in Seconds

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User Comments
kavorkaBoy (11 years ago)
can some one hlp me! my fingers are burnt, i have salt all over me, i have been kicked out of Mcdonalds and Burger King for stealing their straws! I can't get the timing right! 1,2,3,4,5 pull the straw! damn it i need another lighter!
Sublime (11 years ago)
no this one is fake because although you are creating a sort of vacum with the straw to exert pressure and all that shit the salt does act as a catalyst and all but straw cant create such an endothermic force in that large glass to some extent this is possible but not the way they did it
jomomma (11 years ago)
fake, lame, fake, and then lame again.
Vidmaster (11 years ago)
Not so sure. Somewhat remember a similar experiment in school using salt water and a string. Okay any scientists out there? (guess we could try it ourselves lol)
mojobojo (11 years ago)
This is a fake video. This is not possible. Plus you can see the time lapse.
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