Cow Eats Baby Chick

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User Comments
endingit4u (9 years ago)
stupid people making tupid videos to get laughs. why would you even let that happen to the chick. thats nasty and mean. who ever made this video should seriously be shot.
franklinstupinski (9 years ago)
Why would somebody make a video like this? Should we really trust these people to mow our lawns?
hustler539 (10 years ago)
That chick got PWNED!!! LMAO
muckr8er84 (10 years ago)
cows eat hay and barley but never anything living and breathing!!!
Killrichengage (10 years ago)
I know cows I live in the countryside and they would never do that, it's probably starving and you can see the chick is tethered by a piece of string. This video is more about human nature than animal...
Vidmaster (11 years ago)
Its obvious this was taken in a foreign country. As much as we may dislike it, its most likely one of those things that happen all the time in nature. We fortunately don't see it.
judyagog41 (11 years ago)
this is not funny, whoever let it happen is sick! I hope PETA sees this!
Deanne (11 years ago)
oh gosh thats yuk- wouldnt think a cow would eat the chick
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