Lady With a Bat

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User Comments
aliciadestiny (10 years ago)
hahaha thats all i can say and thats prob what he gets
sonofsamus (10 years ago)
Damn the black guy turn around the car for steeling shit but its a natural nigger act!!!!!
kakos37 (10 years ago)
I think she probably lost something very sweet.
ZiggyStardust (11 years ago)
DAMN...These white people sure are CRAZY....
DanielKG196108 (11 years ago)
Though she was ticked, I am guessing she has had to answer to the law about destruction of private property. I am sure she wasn't thinking too much, even if she was pissed. Stupid woman
Deanne (11 years ago)
I'd say she was a little ticked at her boyfriend although guess he's lucky she didnt hit him like that with the bat!
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