No Throw - Three Card Monte

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Nyklas (10 years ago)
when he flip the queen, he slip uup and down the ace and the queen.. Dring i bend the queen, he bend the ace under other card. he unbend the queen after the flip and show you the ', queen ''

(sorry for mystake im Québécois french )
fuckinadamsince01 (10 years ago)
when he flips the card the ace and queen switch place it got me for a sec to guys!!!
kr1s0 (11 years ago)
WTFFFFF :S OOOMG what did he doo
Vidmaster (11 years ago)
He's good! I missed that too
mike666 (11 years ago)
what the f**k!!!!! this guy is crazy i want a steroid check F**K!!!
sid67 (11 years ago)
okay i see what he did on the first two but i can't figure the third one. :(
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