Giant Gross Tongue

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lydia6934313 (9 years ago)
damn, thats all I can say
ukamuk (9 years ago)
If I saw a tounge that big I wud leave mah man and drop mah draws.
riv12345 (10 years ago)
huge and disgusting if i see this man in person i would run away
stan333 (10 years ago)
lol that thing is huge
pacman5415 (10 years ago)
if ur hungry....EAT UR FACE
cupcakes504 (10 years ago)
omg i was cryin wen i saw dis
MrTangent (10 years ago)
He's got down's syndrome. I wonder if that's why his tongue is so obviously exaggerated (i.e. from chromosome/deformation).
deaman49 (10 years ago)
this guy should try sticking his tongue up his ass and see if it fits, AKA..Al Pacino in Scar Face....jacob l. rosado
blindtrust (10 years ago)
x c lenttttttttttttttt
deaman49 (10 years ago)
this guy always licks ladies ears with deep breaths, and make the babes melt big-time. i say go willi, go willi, go willi
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