Human Slinky

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User Comments
pacman5415 (11 years ago)
MrTangent (11 years ago)
That was AWESOME. How in the fuck they could X him is beyond me. He needs to get with Cirque Du Soleil or Blue Man Group. He's beyond talented and those judges are idiots (and I normally like Sharon, oh well).
jenpenn22 (11 years ago)
I know right? Someone has waaaaaay to much time one their hands. You peaked my interest, now i wanna see the lightshow.. :(
Vidmaster (11 years ago)
Entertaining yes, strange - you betcha! Goes along with my post on the light show video; how does someone figure out they have this kind of talent lol
jenpenn22 (11 years ago)
i thought it was mildley entertaining
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