Paris Hilton Back To Jail ... Singing

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User Comments
lilangle08 (11 years ago)
this is stupid to me
wce (11 years ago)
lol, I couldn't agree more with you Jen. It's so irritating to see rich and famous people get away with EVERYTHING these days. It has always amazed me how you can be born into the right family and immediately better than everyone else. A brain surgeon who has saved peoples lives commits the same crime that a celebrity does and they go to jail when stupid little brats like Paris who have done more HARM for society than good can get away with anything simply because she was born into the right family.
jenpenn22 (11 years ago)
lol I spelled consequences wrong..hahaha I pointed it out before you know you were gonna!
jenpenn22 (11 years ago)
Actually kinda funny! Gotta admit I got all warm and fuzzy when she got sent back to jail. It's about time the pampered princess learns there are consequiences in this world.
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