Meet The Numa Numa Guy

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codyjames (11 years ago)
codyjames (11 years ago)
why doesnt work
TheFrownClown (11 years ago)
Two more things: I fixed 'your for bad grammar' before I left a comment, and it didn't post correctly anyway. Bastards. Secondly, after some thought I realized your name is supposed to be lil'angel', not 'angle'. Are you still going nowhere in life? Yes. Am I still bored? Even more extremely.
TheFrownClown (11 years ago)
lilangle08, what does the NumaNuma Kid have to do with a male swine? Oh, unless you meant 'boring'. Between the misspelled word and the complete lack of subject, predicate, or punctuation I must have missed your meaning. Did I just blast your for bad grammar? Yes. Does that make me a nerd? Probably. Are you going anywhere in life? No. Am I 'boared' ... I mean, 'bored'? Extremely.
lilangle08 (11 years ago)
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