Free Hugs

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Koingsegg209 (11 years ago)
wce (11 years ago)
the song is called "All the Same"... the group who sings it is called "Sick Puppies" off their album "Dressed Up As Life".. hope this helps!
Koingsegg209 (11 years ago)
i luv this vid, does anyone know what the song is?
vortex (11 years ago)
great video ,chills everytime i see it .I plain a cache about this soon.
wce (11 years ago)
I'd rather have the sex part :P
Vidmaster (11 years ago)
Read that in Japan lonely women (married or single) hire a guy to just hold and hug them for a while;no sex or anything like that. Strictly therapeutic. Guess this guy is trying to fill a similar need!
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