Sunday Drive in Iraq

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User Comments
vaughn30 (9 years ago)
NO american soldiers aren't ****s!! Its simply that a moving target is harder to hit then one thats standing still! Its for their own safety and everyone thats around them.
largeprint48 (10 years ago)
They do that becuase ppl keep blowing up the Hummers in town so they cant stay still
tralynjones (10 years ago)
Manjyna (10 years ago)
I agree. They are a MUCH better target stopped in traffic. They/we do this for a reason.
hughesey (10 years ago)
No wonder armerican soldiers are disliked over there!!!!!!
Allergic2stupid (11 years ago)
and we're suprised they plant roadside bombs?
divinegod21 (11 years ago)
wow, armerican soldiers seem kind of like assholes.
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