Alec Baldwins Message to Daughter

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User Comments
fuckhead (7 years ago)
Tell that bitch wuts up!
hilde (8 years ago)
If there is a problem ?I dont think this will help him to get some respect !
wow123 (9 years ago)
He just should have stopped after what he said in the beginning. The mouth on him goes beyond what he should say to a 12 year old.
sukymum (11 years ago)
Sounds like he has a preteen. It is funny how people that don't have kids can judge.
thing (11 years ago)
Where I am from this is called uttering threats. People get arrested for this. This person and I use the term loosely is not fit to be a parent. i really hope he doesn't get to have any more contact with her or the mother even IF she is a pig. Thsi is a actors kid that sadly didn't inherit any talent from his as limited as those talents were.
wce (11 years ago)
I'm sure that isn't going to help his divorce issues!
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