Republican vs Democrat - Medicine

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Metanapour (10 years ago)
Tokenlots, you're obviously a moron. Not only do you not know how genetics works but you're so stupid you can't even manage to hit the apostrophe key properly.

Proven fact: If you illegalise abortions (such as in the far east) you will only drive it underground, here's something, wear a condom you idiots. Thankfully I'm not a woman or an american/christian, so I don't have to think about it. However I will say this; If a woman gets an abortion, the feotus will be dead whether they use it for stem cell research or not, If not all that happens is bacteria will eat it, whereas with research it may benefit humanity. Thats the key word, "research", close minded bigots like you have this image in their head that in 20 years we'll be taking baths in feotal tissue, instead of realising that all theyre trying to do is figure out how stem cells work, so we can genetically engineer them (yes that is possible, we just need the DNA code, or rather, lack of code, that ensures its functionless state until introduced to a group of cells that will define the stem cell's function. This is what stem cells do, and if America bans the research all they will be doing is losing themselves money when another country makes the discovery before them.

Then again what could you expect with a health system like yours?
tokenlots (10 years ago)
this is F***** gay... all those diseases are cured only by stem cells...which means taking a living human embryo and destroying it....Abbortion? pretty much. if abbortion is legal, why is killing baby's wrong? wats the diffrence between killing it 5 minutes before it comes out and 5 minutes after? Out justice system is so fkin gay. If you a democrat or republican that believes in abbortion as a free will choice go to hell along with all the doctors that kill baby's. The only way that stem cells are ok is with using adult human skin tissue and adding genes to it...why kill baby's when you can just use skin graphs?
wce (11 years ago)
I'm gonna have to agree with sid on this one :P
nathanbarnes (11 years ago)
lol thwir kinda stupid, like americans lol:p
sid67 (11 years ago)
BOOOO....liberals are dorks...:-)
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