Engine Blowup

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Sinky (14 years ago)
This clip is from a British TV show about cars. The driver is actually a test driver for Ferrari and gets paid to test the cars to destruction. Jeremy Clarkson is the guy talking in the background and has around 8 of his own videos now ripping the sh*t out of different supercars! Sinky:)
wce (14 years ago)
hey don't hate, I like crusing around the mall trying to impress all the teenage girls!! cept I'm cruising on my BMX bike, peddling, sweatin my a$$ off :o
Gravital_Bliss (14 years ago)
Wow, that guy must have an incredibly small penis... But, what is even sadder than that is, now he doesn't have a car to cruise in around the mall and impress all the teenage girls :(
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