Glass Pranks

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Master Musical Glass Player
Dude plays a table full of glasses like a whole friggin' orchestra! Absolutely Incredible! Enjoy!

Need Glasses?
I feel bad for this looked pretty painful actually.

Hot Girl Behind the Glass
She wants you.... You want her.... Too much technology! LOL

Clean Glass
Watch out buddy, there is glass there.

David Krejci Hit By Glass
This is scary, it could have had a worse ending though.

Bird Bath In A Glass
If this lady offers you a drink - DON'T TAKE IT! Her bird just washed his butt in your glass! lol

Bobbing for Sunglasses
Couple of guys dunk their heads in a bucket of water and come up wearing a half dozen pairs of sunglasses! Pretty cool.

Glass Pranks
Is it there..... or isn't it?

Need Glasses
Guy thinks door is blocked by ribbon....but it is just paint

Still Needs Glasses
Don't put off getting those glasses. You could lose your furry little friend!

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