Musical Letter to Ann Coulter

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User Comments
LoneWolf (11 years ago)
I love Ann. We need more people in this country to speak their minds. I am sick of hearing people whine about being "offended". Grow a freakin spine! The word police should be shot. Imagine if politicians actually spoke the truth. Watch Bullworth......tell me I am wrong. (But not too harshly, I don't want to be "offended" lol)
sid67 (11 years ago)
ANN COULTER RULES! what a bunch of whinners....:D
wstanton (11 years ago)
And frankly....SHE'S RIGHT ON TARGET! Let all the 'towel heads' vote DemocRAT! Why not....the average liberal is a blind-anti-moralistic bastard anyway! If there's a group that wants to be 'anti-Ann" and support liberals because of her statement, and support the TOWEL HEADS.....fucking let them!
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