Too Much Free Time

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User Comments
Krezii (10 years ago)
omg i remember that pest, it woke me up at night so i just threw it at the wall to make it shut up.
ginalmarie (12 years ago)
thats what i should have done with my furby! they drive me crazy!!
APQ (13 years ago)
APQ (13 years ago)
:oOMG what did they just do to MY LITTLE FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joshsmg (13 years ago)
These kids are cool......stupid but cool.That being burned at my house :P rofl.i have 3 of them.IM BURNING AND KILLING THEM MUHAHAHA
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