Britney Pops A Paparazzi

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User Comments
fuckhead (7 years ago)
That's fuckin' awesome! I now LOVE Britney! Fuck you Paparazzi!
redfox (10 years ago)
what ever happened to when a lady says 'No' she means 'No!' As far as I'm concerned that Idiot got what he deserved... Surely Britney has the right to BASIC human decency! Interesting how the part just before Britney decked him, is very conveniently edited out... it's a sad society that we're living in! Jerks!
preyivan (11 years ago)
thats right they get right on there faces...
wce (11 years ago)
I agree, paparazzi are a pain, but bro, she's still retarded :P
Sinky (11 years ago)
This is a crappy video that proves nothing. Well except that the paparazi are a bunch of annoying gits!:@
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