Low Altitude Flying

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flickbuff (10 years ago)
usa SUCKS. They have the MOST amount of military "Accidents" (if you wanna call them that) per year. 90% of accidents are caused by some stupid southern redneck trying to show off for his buddy's. The other 10% is friendly fire accidents. In Vietnam, there were over 10,000 friendly fire deaths to american soldiers.......and these are guys that preach that it is their "right" to bare arms and own weapons......F#*King RETARDS.
qazzaqqaz (11 years ago)
shelbs (11 years ago)
those are French Mirages. Looks like Mirage F-1s and one of the Delta winged Mirage 2000 models. It looks like the trainer. I'm not sure on that one
Koingsegg209 (11 years ago)
right sinky.... good way to piss off half the USAF ;) and these arn't american planes, i think there french
Sinky (12 years ago)
This clearly must be British made 'cause I don't think Americans would get away with this. They were all toilet trained at gun point and wouldn't do this type of thing.
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