Stupid Canadians

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Sister (7 years ago)
OH BTW EVERY COUNTRY THINKS THE USA IS STUPID....TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION AND THEY ALL HAVE GOOD REASONJ....WHO ELSE WOULD LET THOUSANDS DIE FOR MONEY!! BECAUSE OF SOME GREY HEADED FUCK HEAD!! AKA THE PRESEDENT!! BECAUSE HIS DAD SAID SO...George sr, never left the building!!......BRING ON OSOMA!!! let the states live out side its self!!!!......wooohooo the kids in school might learn something outside of USA!!...They my learn where they get their fresh water and all the oil that they go to war for ect.........someone has to be honest....leave it to a blacl man ;) ...he's gonna turn all you assholes arouund!!
Sister (7 years ago)
Sister (7 years ago)
My Grandparents were the smartest people in the they all reast in peace
Sister (7 years ago)
LMFAO!!!! I have 3 grandparents from the states that moved to Canada.... at one time as a child was pround they were from there but after reading all this crap mostly from our good neighbors from the south thank GAWD I was raised in canaDUH!!! mostly because I was never reaised to JUDGE anyone and no COUNRTY....We are not stupid at all we leaern about all counties not just our own at least when we go some where we know where we are also I have enough respect for people that are reading this that they dont have to see a bunch of profanity.....and believe me I can out swear the best!! but I will not lower myself to that LOWER level!...................................BECAUSE I'm from CanaDUH!!! and proud of it!! ;)
Eliciavan Veelen (8 years ago)
Wow all you stupid americans are just fucking retarded. You think canada is ignorant and uneducated? Well Im only a quarter Canadian, and i grew up in holland and i could tell you this much, Canadians are way better than you stupid redneck americans. all you do is go on and on and on about how america is the best place to live and every other country is going down the toilet when you dont stop and consider yourself as a shitty country(even though every other country is doing way better) And just because of this ONE video you think all canadians are retarded? if you google 'stupid americans' there is SOO many things on your Shitty country, then when you search 'stupid canadians' theres not that many things on it. And if you encounter a rude canadian, its probably because your stupid rubbed off on them. I cant wait until you piss off a country(not like you havent already) and they'll bomb your sorry ass. And i know most of you stupid americans think that your a mighty powerful country when your just that annoying fly that buzzes around other peoples heads. So, in a nutshell, Canada is WAY smarter than your fucked-up country. And it will always will be. So please shut the fuck up and accept that your country is the worst. Now please go back to mcdonalds where you belong.
FuckingCanadians (8 years ago)
As for that fucking cunt, Lyuda, you could perhaps be the dumbest person on this string of commentary. The U.S. population is 10 TIMES larger than canaDUH's. Of course you'll find more stupid people in a country that could swallow that shitbox canaDUH whole. As a percentage, though, canadians are FAR MORE IGNORANT AND UNEDUCATED THAN AMERICANS. There is no doubt about it. Let's put it this way... 85% of the Canadian population lives within 60 miles of the U.S. boarder. THIS SAYS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW! ALL CANADIANS WANT TO BE AMERICAN. But, because they can't, they just sit around and find ways to bitch about the U.S. as it makes them feel better about being pathetic pieces of shit.
FuckingCanadians (8 years ago)
Seriously, I live in Seattle, and unfortunately I encounter retarded canadians on a daily basis (they come down like cock roaches from Vancouver and Victoria). They are perhaps some of the dumbest and naive "people" on Earth. They actually think they're educated and in-tune with global affairs, but they're not. Basically, a canadian college equal that of a U.S. 10th grade education (not shitting you). Additionally, they NEVER attempt to fact-check anything they read or make claim, and they typically like to interject their opinion of American politics (as if we give a flying fuck what they think). What boggles my mind is they never seem to grasp that their country continually makes lame attempts to copy the U.S. with respect to everything from industry, to entertainment, to shopping, to banking. Sure, they have socialized health care, but WHO THE FUCK WANTS THAT SHIT?!?! Several of my canadian friends come to Seattle for services they cannot readily receive in canaDUH. They ALWAYS WALK AWAY STATING IT IS INDEED BETTER HEALTHCARE IN THE U.S. , WITHOUT DOUBT. Don't get me wrong, I have a few canadian friends, but the majority of the canadian population is mildly retarded with a good dose of hypocracy. As the old saying goes... canaDUH is America's retarded cousin. So very true.
kowcatchan (9 years ago)
Man.. As a canadian. I am embarassed by this video. You guys didn't do anything and that woman was a BITCH. I am SO glad you bunched that asshole in the face. He was a fucking bitch. You should have given the women a good hook to the face too, she was asking for it.
suckscanada (11 years ago)
I am canadian but I was came from LA, this place is sucks, not friendly educated, most of them on drug or gay or lesbian, dirty face, tattoos all over the body, no one here get married, most of them are mentaly sick, lonely on drug or hashish
Lyuda (11 years ago)
тупые американцы....
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