Jeep Waterfall

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rodneyshavemyballs (11 years ago)
Dude must of been pretty facinted with the squirt gun
zoinkss (12 years ago)
The Waterfall was created by Professor Stephen Pevnick who is a Professor of Art at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. He built the Graphical Waterfall, then Called “Rainfall”, in 1979 using only a circuit board and a few valves. bio; The Graphical Waterfall has been shown on four continents in cities such as Paris, London, Geneve, Basel, Frankfurt, Hannover, Johannesburg, Beijing, Bangkok, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angels and many others. In 1995 the “Rainfall” went to Berlin for a major exhibition for artists and designers. Professor Pevnick was very honored when the people at GPJ and Daimler Chrysler asked him to be at the shows for Jeep. [b][/b]
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