Plane Crash

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jarrodnz (11 years ago)
well he dident run out of gas thats for shore if the plane just held for a little more time they would be alife right now.thats quwit sad:(
afgoose82 (11 years ago)
crazy pilot who was known for radical flying and ended up killing himself and sadly the rest of the air crew. Practicing before an airshow, banking a plane that wasn't made or have enough power to come out of steep bank such as the one in the video.
dcarter844 (11 years ago)
Just a dumb ass
Sunfish (12 years ago)
If the plane had just taken off, it would appear that aleron or engine failure would cause the left wing to dip that low. Instability of that type, coupled with a possibly hard crosswind would cause this type of crash. Indeed too low, slow and deep.
gliderdane (12 years ago)
Crazy, maybe. Stupid, yes - I am afraid so. No, they didnt run out of gas, the plane had just taken of, and the pilot was going to train some moves for an airshow (I think). At any rate - that crash is simply caused by flying the plane right out of the envelope. Classical too low, too slow and too steep.
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