Tigger Punch

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greenfactio (11 years ago)
due it was a light touch the weight shifted and he accidentally hit him when your wearing a costume you have limited vision. Its disney so its supposed to be a hapy place Bull#### lol. besides the toook it way too seriously just because its disney if it was any other thing they wouldnt be.im Greenfactio. Peace out
omishpimpin (12 years ago)
It looks like he lost his footing and accidentally hit that pussy of a kid.
mtw007 (12 years ago)
He was just responding to the question. Not sure if that was the reporter or his mom haha. The dad looks about to the same spot as well back and forth right after.:-)
Ranardo (12 years ago)
I don't know but to me it really looked like that kid was pullin on his tail and did you notice that when he answered the question of the possibility of him pulling on his tail he couldn't look directly at the camera as he did when he answered all of the other question. The kid was wrong and got a smack on the cheek I wouldn't call that a punch.
wce (12 years ago)
i'd beat the hell out of the lil teens that annoy me :)
Watersglimor (12 years ago)
Another Possibility-If you look closely, you'll see that thier weight shifted. The person in the suit has a limited vision and might have thought the teen was going to fall over. So the person in the suit might have just turned to catch the teen he thought was falling over and hit him in the head. Look a little closer and you will see a curb right behind the "tiger's" right foot adding to the possibility of a loss of balance. There is always evidence in a crime scene like this one, or rather an accident scene. However, if you had a job like that one, wouldn't you hit some teen that really annoyed you.:D:-)
wce (12 years ago)
you gotta understand it's DISNEY though and Tigger did it for no reason, thats why people are complaining
Sinky (12 years ago)
Oh come on! He barely touched him!!! Stupid Americans, over reacting at the slightest little thing - Big feking cry babies! - Like Tom Cruise when he got squirted in the face with a little bit of water! - CRY BABIES!!!!
wce (12 years ago)
lol, that'd make more sense
iceman (12 years ago)
i bet there was a chick in the tigger costume and she thought the kid was groping her:)
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