Who Be The Daddy

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User Comments
mcmartin27 (10 years ago)
Wonder how many other one's he's already got?
LoneWolf (10 years ago)
LOL..... "Twested"
Artary (11 years ago)
I'm so embarrased. Just the fact that my people act as retarded as they do saddens me.:(:@
wstanton (11 years ago)
OMFG. This is the perfect example of the average trailer-trash-ghetto stupid f--ker! Perfect example of why Cosby gets so pissed. Both of you are f--king dumbasses! "What u gonna du fore er?"
LoneWolf (11 years ago)
Ouch......that would pretty much suck. Wait, 12 or more dudes in a one month span? That is more than enough reason to wrap it up.
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