Guitar Drifting

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6stringking (9 years ago)
Wow! I have been playing for 17 yrs, and I'll say , he is amazing! Stand up and take a bow bro!
sillymonkystudio (10 years ago)
He is really playing it!!! His name is Andy Mckee (might have misspelled last name). He came and preformed at my high school in Wisconsin!!! He is CRAZY!
koko213 (11 years ago)
He's good!!!
solly569 (11 years ago)
Talent. Pure, original talent. Made the hairs on the back of neck stand up. Vote Andy McKee for President!
mrq22 (11 years ago)
amazing... absolutly amazing :D
iceman (11 years ago)
dispatcherno1 (11 years ago)
as a fellow guitarist, absolutley incredible. Goosebumps. Beautiful. More!
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