Picking up Chicks

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User Comments
mikeangie17 (9 years ago)
omg!! that did look real as hell, that was crazy
spyknight (10 years ago)
Its fake, i live in portugal, sintra, some guy made it, i saw the interview in the news, here on portugal. but is a very nice video...
athinaxxx (10 years ago)
ISP (10 years ago)
another blair witch project?....lets hope so!!!!
stormcaller1971 (10 years ago)
That was really freaky.
lilly (11 years ago)
What the hell? Fake!
sidkid87 (11 years ago)
no way that cant be real
Dnoop (11 years ago)
wtf i cant finish the video because im scared someting ganna pop out once they crash.
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