Pissed off at his PS2

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User Comments
Rataru (7 years ago)
Wow... Yea, I must have done this to about 3 consoles so far. What's the big deal?
blade26623 (9 years ago)
ya i agree with all not jackassman the kid is a lameo
ivegot5onit (11 years ago)
i would crush my ps2 also if i was that kid and knew i was never gonna get laid for making a video like this...kid's a nerd for LIFE
jackassman (11 years ago)
Sinky (11 years ago)
Wow, those boys are SO hard. Next time use a stick of dynamite to make your crappy little video interesting!
Karl_1989 (11 years ago)
1st off so what if his got a scooter there like 20 quid lol 2nd hes still a fag for smashin up a ps2 i bet it was already broke
demar727 (12 years ago)
the kid has a fucking scooter.. I bet mommy and daddy bought him PS2
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