Hit by a Cop

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User Comments
dagould1 (9 years ago)
This video was not taken in the US and in most countries the police are not held to the same standards as Law Enforcement Officers in the USA. If fact most countries you have no civil rights or Constitutional guarantees,...now ya know why they all want to come to America
bob6666 (10 years ago)
She was mouthing when she should have been listening. Deserves what she got and more.
Igotyouboo27 (10 years ago)
Whattttt in the world.. I know he lost his job and was sued for millions..
sonofsamus (10 years ago)
fuck police ill kill them alllllllll
sas134uk (12 years ago)
Yeah, pretty bad but what did she say to him? I watched a security guard strangle a shoplifter one day when the shoplifter called him a poof in another language - Unfortunately the security guard knew what it meant.
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