Smokers Rights

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Superchicken (6 years ago)
But it looks so cool. And being cool is the only reason I can see for people to start. Then they get addicted. It's so ingrained in our culture -- with the likes of John Wayne and Humphrey Bogart -- that we take it for granted, but if you came here from another planet where they had never invented smoking, think how stupid people would look; rolling up stinky leaves in little peaces of paper, sticking it in your mouth and lighting it on fire. Not cool but really really stupid. Think of trans-oceanic flights, where they take away your nail clippers before you can get onboard, but on some flights they still let you set little fires, because it's culturally acceptable. Sorry, I'll get off my soap box now.
oh_em_gee_thats_funny (12 years ago)
smoking ANY thing is dumb...i use to smoke weed but i quit because that shit slows you down and makes u lazy.... and tobacco i dont understand it man, that shit tastes like ass and you dont high and die and get diseases from are smokers thinking man?
littlelambofgod (12 years ago)
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