Mad at XBox

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Agentoxedo07 (10 years ago)
justin0395 (11 years ago)
dude ur a fucking dick head i had to beg for an xbox and when i finally got it i took care of it and dident have anger issues u fucking rich preppy white boy learn how to not take stuff for granted if i did that wich i wouldent my mom would beat my ass cuz an xbox is alot of money so stop taking stuff for granted
jirstan2 (11 years ago)
Hi! I'm a spoiled, snotty little richie white boy born with a silver spoon in my mouth that never had to work for a thing in my life! I'm gonna be a bad-boy rebel and throw the video game that mommy and daddy gave me for my birthday out the second-floor window of our big house and stick it to the establishment! Then, out by my in-ground pool, I'm gonna be a real bad azz and pee on it too! (Wow, you're sooo cool. If I saw you do that, I'd kick your azz, just on basic principal.)
pink-rabbit (11 years ago)
he needz a gf
KingAces (11 years ago)
lmfao....u think Bill Gates gives a shit about what u did? he doesnt care..u already paid for it u probablly ended up buying an other one.
Windshot (12 years ago)
I love the DDR music in the background near the end! I think the song is bummble beeee!:-)
TheFrownClown (12 years ago)
lolzerz!!!! :) :) :)
Zer0 (12 years ago)
Zer0 (12 years ago)
GOD!!! HOW MUCH DID HE DRINK :o !!! and more importantly WHY exactly did he through it off the balcony??
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