All for Beer

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User Comments
FLORA (8 years ago)
When he got to jail the inmates kick his ass,until he ask for mercy
ZiggyStardust (11 years ago)
I wonder if he knows the Bud Light Dude....Dude...thats your son,
Dude....Dude....Dude,put the baby down...Dude....
ruskie (11 years ago)
Just give the guy his beer, the baby's fake its a doll.
Killrichengage (11 years ago)
This guy deserves to be tortured
justin0395 (11 years ago)
that drunk asshole i hope he dies and thats a cute baby
lexipooh2 (12 years ago)
Cdear21, lol , i hope so 2.:o
cdear21 (12 years ago)
I hope that guy is someone's bitch in prison right now!
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