Accident Going Straight

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User Comments
neil33p (8 years ago)
he crashed because he has a head like this 00:14 he looks stupid saying nothing
just imagine when he opens his mouth!!!
jirstan2 (11 years ago)
Latinraver, that could have also been faked. Either way, lame video or lame crash.
latinraver22 (13 years ago)
Actually, yes this is a real accident. Thats a grape field(the movie is from Cali valleys) it explains the whole in the ground with the tublar surrounding in it. (the grape vine was once in there after the car lost control when the driver was in the process of shifting gears from 3 to 4th(notice he shifted the lever from top to bottom, u may thing he is going from 1st to 2nd, but he is going way to fast to be in 1st, 1'st gear gives out at about 20mph(PUSHING IT TO THE REV LIMIT) he seems to have accidently shifted to 2nd instead of 4th..(note u hear the car rev to its limit; that is a normal reaction when u shift gears into a gear that exceeds its rev limit(thats why theres more than one gear).as they are side by side. and caused the drivewheels lock up and put turn them in the opposite direction and all the reving after wards was him trying to match the gear to his current speed and pull himself straight.B)
Sinky (14 years ago)
This is a pretty standard amateur shot film to make the viewer think that he actually crashed when he didn't. Take one: In car gathering speed, then camera goes crazy with our camera man going 'Oh sh*t, oh sh*t' over and over while shaking the camera violently. Take two: shows the car reversed into the edge of a corn field to make it looks like it has crashed but as you can see in the film not a single scratch on it and no clear point of entry to the field except from reversed in. If it had been a real crash it would have had more loose dirt Etc around it. OK film for a laugh but if this was for a school or college project then they deserve and F - And that is being generous! Sinky;)
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