Russian UFO

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FLORA (8 years ago)
Honestly,I've seen this when i was 9 years old, and something
like stars,they made a triangle and speed light disappeard.
now Iam 44 i believe.
Slick Goodlin (12 years ago)
The portion of video showing the supposed UFO claims to have been taken from the from the c*ckpit of a Russian MiG-21 jet. Yet to anyone who knows military aircraft the ejection seat visable in the shot is clearly an American ACES II type ejection seat. This and the shape and design of the aircrafts canopy clearly identify this arircraft as an American McDonald-Douglas F-15 Eagle and not a Russian MiG-21. Decla$$iified Soviet military footage my butt!! This video is fake and a bad one at that.
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