Deer Meets Bike

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afgoose82 (11 years ago)
It was a fawn and for the camera deal, alot of people put cameras on there bikes for the tricks they do, the speed, or for whatever. Obviously, they wanted to vid their ride. They make Tank cams, obviously they don't sell them in your hunting store, maybe they should, since this bike hunted down that
poop-on-a-stick (12 years ago)
Hate to pop anyones bubble but that deer was fake or dead... notice the lack of spattering blood or intact strewn guts. Also deer don't just break apart like that, and it's stupid to think otherwise. I hunt and work in a hunting store and we sell fake deer that people buy for target practice, that's probably what they used. BTW did anyone think why someone would randomly just strap a video camera to their motorcycle unless they had set something up themselves to video tape.... come on people use your heads!!! I know that it may not be so popular in this country to actually use those things inside your skulls but please try to go against the norm. :|
Bullet (12 years ago)
That deer must have been a lil fawn or something no big deer would done that. or that deer had fell under the bike! its proably scary for that guy:o:o
iceman (12 years ago)
Holy Crap!!!:o that guy had to have been going fast
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