Crazy Frog Brothers

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Pipeline (8 years ago)
Huh, the front kid looks like a soon-to-be prosecuting attorney when he gets older. The one in the back looks like a possible young Bill Gates. He'll be in the money in due time.
MajorCutter (9 years ago)
i loves it:)
Noone180 (10 years ago)
wat r dey on
fueledbydanny (11 years ago)
this isnt their beat...
its a song
these two queers just mouth it badly
irishgurl (11 years ago)
Bring back the original crazy frog
jharrisxl (12 years ago)
Nice beat. The guy in the green was the best.;) The guy in the red was OK.:|Can you send me that beat in a email. I had that beat on my computer but my computer crrraassshheedd and I was mad. To email me click on jharrisxl and it will give you my email address
Bullet (12 years ago)
hey this is johnny and tube sox band they play shopw all overthe living room they get 2bucks to get fucked up on ecstacy and shit like that
Bullet (12 years ago)
crack boy and shorty rockin way to hard:o
Bullet (12 years ago)
I'm the little one my brothers the crazy ass one lol:D
Blaze264 (12 years ago)
the only thing thats weird in this video to me is the guy in the red
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