Fatty on Dirt Bike

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Crazy dude makes a full-speed flying jump right into the back of a parked van! REALLY! You gotta see this! It's awesome

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Reminds me of TRON

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Now that's a cruiser..

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nothing like crashing infront of 1000 during a race before you even get your speedometer to move

man.... for being a bicycle... this guy has some awesome moves... he jumps up on anything and balances... I would no longer be a man if I tried half the stunts he does with that bar between his legs..

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Great stunt! What exactly was he trying to accomplish?

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In the middle of a jump, kid loses touch with his bike. Then he loses touch with his nuts! lol

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LOL, you can hear the brakes squeaking

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These guys apparently are trying to pull their own jackass stunts!

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Is this what they mean by all terrain?

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