Pain Killers

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User Comments
djcamzy (9 years ago)
lol thats so kl
justin0395 (11 years ago)
shibbymister1217 last time i cheked lighting your self on fire can get you hurt
shibbymister1217 (12 years ago)
you guys need to get a life or at least do stunts that will acually get you hurt cause you guys are all little pussies and cant take pain and this video shouldnt of been put in painful it should of been in the catagory no one gives a SHIT!!!!!
Bullet (12 years ago)
and funny
Bullet (12 years ago)
they look like kids on that hill oh yea they are they also are stupid doing thing like that 1 day to hospital just wait! but its kick a$$ and cool at the same time:o:p
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