Beaten by Teacher

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User Comments
blindside (10 years ago)
that big strong hero should be either dragged before the Courts and let him share a cell with Bubba for a night or some of those students should drag his skanky ass behind the toilet block for a little...male re-education
skullonfire (12 years ago)
i agree with iceman that makes me sick. That gurl who stood up should've done somethin
iceman (12 years ago)
i hope that whoever sent this vid in , sent it to the principle too. What kind of a little wussy beats on little girls?? Why don't a bunch of the boys take him down??
ShellymacShell (12 years ago)
and all those people arn't even doing anything! They can all go to hell.
ShellymacShell (12 years ago)
Oh HELLLL NOOO!!! SOME BODY NEEDS TO JUMP HIS A$$!! Thats some Fxcking bulls*it right there....I wouldn't just take that! :@
criztian (12 years ago)
wat da @$#^ iz wrong wit da teach!:@
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