Massive Sucker Punch

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User Comments
JedOi (12 years ago)
Cowards like that shouldn't be at all surprised if one of their victims comes back and fills 'em with lead at a later date ...
natasla (12 years ago)
um...o-k...that was wierd, no sound and the camera man kept moving to much. (No affence):D
Blaze264 (12 years ago)
no one will sucker punch ME like that
sid67 (12 years ago)
i got sucker punched once....its not fun......lucky enough though i stayed on my feet and was able to get away....
cvfootball52 (12 years ago)
thats gay, i hate when people take sucker punches....if u wanna be a real man square up toe to toe with some one and go at it, dont take the easy way out
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