Coke Zero

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Diet Coke + Mentos FAIL
If you can watch this and not laugh, you must have a stressful life.

Coke Zero
Dude, Wheres your parachute?

Coke Machine Jackpot
Wonder if this really works?

Diet Coke vs. Coke
Which one comes out on top?

Diet Coke and Mentos
Title says it all... pretty neat experiment

Always Coke-a-Cola!
I bet he wishes that was real.

Diet Coke + Mentos FAIL
Huge fail! Funny, but terrible attempt.

EPIC Mentos and Coke - The Slow Mo Guys
Mentos and Coke in slow-mo....what else can I say to describe?

Coke Vending
hmm, definitely an interesting way at looking at how code is distributed through vending machines...

Diet Coke
I think the original commercial had a guy they were gushing over. Someone put some moron in the clip as a joke. Kinda funny.

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