Our Heroes

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jb007r1 (8 years ago)
haha......... naive and empty-headed ................
asqalan (9 years ago)
you have to know that American troops and American rigim as will are desgusting and never we would like you, you are the simpole of bad human beings, I live in Iraq, Crime you have doen to our nation are above imagination, come here and see rather than listining to your media which doing nothing but lying, you are a big shame on humanithy
buffalogapkid (10 years ago)
You can't help but see that our troops are welcomed by the Iraquis by the smiles on their faces. Too bad the liberal American media won't show the truth. The liars ought to be banned from the public for suppressing the truth to the American people. Or better yet, hanged for treason!
mike78230 (10 years ago)
great video anyone tell me who the music is buy
cvfootball52 (12 years ago)
now i hope this shuts up all the people that say our troops are just over there killing civilians
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