Old Man Knocked Out

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User Comments
coldremedy (9 years ago)
Such a damn pu$$y! Picking on an old guy. Just walk away man, didn't have to do that. He hurt his hand too by hitting the old guy. Such a loser!
ZiggyStardust (10 years ago)
What goes around.....comes around...He'll get his someday...
Asia (11 years ago)
well i like it it's funny lol B)
JedOi (11 years ago)
Maybe the older guy did deserve a smack BUT ... if you knock someone out, you really need to make sure they haven't fallen in such a way that their breathing is impeded or YOU could be facing a manslaughter or even a murder charge ... dumb kid could've got life imprisonment or death-row !
natasla (12 years ago)
:o that guy is just a wussy if he wasnt, he wouldnt beat up old men, he would beat up people like him, other wussy's.:o
cvfootball52 (12 years ago)
what an a$$hole
king_kripple (12 years ago)
The kid's a pus, no doubt about it.
g0ku (12 years ago)
someone needs to find where this guy lives and beat the sh*t out of him.
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