Newly Released 911 Tape

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User Comments
sas134uk (12 years ago)
For Pentagon serurity that is a pretty crap camera only taking one picture frame per second or half second. I seriously don't think that their perimeter security cameras are that crap, they just don't want people going over the video footage frame by frame.:-)
Aristeo1 (12 years ago)
Bush sucks a$$!
cvfootball52 (12 years ago)
haha nice call king kripple
king_kripple (12 years ago)
I suppose Hitler, Morrison, Earhart and Hoffa were on board, too...proves nothing except that dumba$$ conspiracy theorists need to STFU.
joemamma22 (12 years ago)
maybe a small lear jet or something but not a commertial airliner
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