I Was Never President

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User Comments
slipsoadlp3283 (10 years ago)
I hated him when he first started making videos. He is an obnoxious fat fucker
Killrichengage (11 years ago)
Hes making more money than I am, well done I think if you can live off being a weirdo do it!
HRKING (12 years ago)
ok are you a super retard or somthin:@
HAZRATALI101 (12 years ago)
TheFrownClown (12 years ago)
Isn't he making fun of someone? Andy Milo-whatever is a TV show host or something I thought. *shrug*
HDog (12 years ago)
You got my vote to stop this guy lol
melz (12 years ago)
[u][b]k this kid should just stop making videos. he isnt good or funny at this he tries wayyy to hard![/b][/u]:@
Jordan4 (12 years ago)
I would hope he had penous 0_0
siriousproblums (12 years ago)
what do you mean this guy is like 27 he's a loser
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