Weird Walkaway

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User Comments
monkey751 (11 years ago)
hey tell captain gay guy to stop scaring america
carysBRE (12 years ago)
GWAN ryan! lmao ryan looks so young there!! heheCarysXxx:D
crystal_starr (12 years ago)
LOL Ryan huh....ur a cutie! Hilarious video...i was laughing the whole time! :p
bono25 (12 years ago)
Blobynabloben (12 years ago)
i think the funniest bit is when Ryan whacks his elbow on the table and there's a big bang. I know that it was his elbow as he told us in school!! da iawn ryan!! this hilarious =] B) don't listen to every1 in school! [who are about a month late:p] :DTanwen + Ffion! :D
shwshi (12 years ago)
I know this guy, he is so funny and sweet! lol ryan lol ur v brave! x
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