3rd Bn 1st Marines

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mikec694u (11 years ago)
mcas,CherryPoint N.C.,VMAQ-2 former MARINE. ALL NON HACKERS CAN GO F**K THEMSELVES. All I can say is cover your 6. and SEMPER FUCKIN FI Devil Dog. KILL EM ALL!! LET GOD SORT EM OUT!!!
cvfootball52 (12 years ago)
yea u guys are right that guys a douchebag
64gunpilot (12 years ago)
Dude, here's a good piece of advice from a General I know over there. "...and when you get home and are confronted by an anti-war protester, look him in the eye and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend because she knows deep down she's dating a pus."B)
dreamgene (12 years ago)
rangerbarnes dont even sweat that kid. Its obvious he didnt know wtf he was talkin about and he made sure ta leave a punk a$$ remark as well. Keep doin what your doin. Lets all not forget that our brothers are fighting over there and we arent. Much respect from me.
jmourton (12 years ago)
thanks rangerbarnes. :-) been lookin to find that everywhere.
rangerbarnes (12 years ago)
Hey jmourton, the name of the song is "Out of My Way" by Seether
jmourton (12 years ago)
does anyone know what song that is?
iceman (12 years ago)
unfortionatuly, the liberal prees wont tell him much about whats really going on
rangerbarnes (12 years ago)
First of all these are Marines in this video, but you would know that if you could read you jacka$$. But seeing as how you can't read you probably didn't keep up on current events in 2004, and you probably didn't know that Al Fallujah was infested with insurgents before the Marine led Nov. '04 operation to clear the city. So let me educate your sorry a$$. Of the approxiamately 250,000 civilians in the city Military intelligence estimated that 3,000-5,000 of them were foreign fighters. That being said before the Marines went into the city the civilian population was warned to leave, so all that remained were the insurgents. All of the stuff being blown up and all of the "civilians"(insurgents) being killed during that operation helped to rid the city of the huge insurgent population. But you wouldn't know that since you don't keep up on current events and you wouldn't see that a lot of the attacks now happen on the Syrian border farther to the West in places like Haditha, Hit, and Tal Afar. So before you open your hippie mouth next time you should probably watch the news and educate yourself;)
this-is-my-username (12 years ago)
so basically the US Army isn't doing anything in Iraq other than killing civilians, and blowing sh*t up for fun.
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