Backyard Wrestling 2

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anybodykilla (12 years ago)
Backyard wrestling? Where's the barbwire, thumb tacks, fire, gla$$, bats? I dont see it that way...need to step it up y'all. Then that video would be the shizz.
iceman (12 years ago)
check out video clip "Santas Letters" you will love it
Kaboose (12 years ago)
HDog (12 years ago)
what the heck you guys talking about TFK sucks. Waste of money to buy a seat there hahaha
HDog (12 years ago)
what the heck you guys talking about TFK sucks. Waste of money to buy a seat there hahaha
Kaboose (12 years ago)
W00t yay its always good to see another TFk fan gonna see them in May! thanks for the comments!!!
iceman (12 years ago)
the music is awesome- TFK ALL THE WAY!!!!(just saw them in concert on saturday) the video wasn't bad either
Kaboose (12 years ago)
Update: the sites name has been changed sorry if u tried to go there and it wouldnt work the new site name is enjoy!:p:)
Kaboose (12 years ago)
oh sorry the site is
Kaboose (12 years ago)
Yeah HDog you go girl jk hes a dude anyways im back to say weve also started up a site for our wreastling videos and pics too! Sign our guestbook and ask question do what ever! thnks guys!
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