Snake Attack

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inbox (5 years ago)
Ha ha! Dame! he got your ass.

ethrellik (8 years ago)
the cameralens is a treat/danger for the snake. so next time take distance. btw feeding in the cage is not smart, it is his terrain. So the best way to feed a tiger pyton is to feed him in a other box with paper. So if you record that the camera don't needs to be a treat at all
rangerbarnes (12 years ago)
Thanks for the info Atomic Sparrow, I've owned her for a couple of years now and I had no idea that Pythons weren't venomous:o
atomic sparrow (12 years ago)
Pythons aren't venomous, all the bite would do is hurt a little.
DarkMaster (12 years ago)
That scared the hell out of me! All i saw was pink and a snck mouth...i almost sh*tted myself!!!!!!:o
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