Marines in Fallujah

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1smedley (9 years ago)
Squid webster's definition low form of aquatic life that feeds on marine waste.
Pig nuf said.

y'all come an get some!!!! mine was Viet Nam and Cambodia and i am still willing to bear arms against America's enemies foreign or domestic. There aint nothing like a momma's boy shitting himself in combat. Come and see what it's like to smell the sweet coppery smell of fresh blood. Feel the stickiness of it, There is a place for you here little b o y. come get some

Semper Fi
justin colon (12 years ago)
you are the sick f*cking bastard. I am a marine and I know what it's like. If you haven't been over there then you are not educated you f*ck. We lose men over there everyday and all you do is sit on you F*cking A$$ and right things about your fellow americans who fight and die for you back stabbing Bastards. We love and die for america and all you do is enjoy your freedom that you have never fought for, that freedom you take for grantied, your freedom to say it's just all for oil, you stupid f*cks. Yes, the wrong people at times have been killed, but too.....what would you do if a kid through a grenade at you or someone that you thought was a friendly civilian shots your buddy in the back of the head. So say what you want it is right to, but you will never know what it is like until you have been there.
lyn1106 (12 years ago)
I just wish all the mouths over here in the US had the balls to go over there and run their mouths
cvfootball52 (12 years ago)
pig and squid u guys are f*cking losers...maybe bush is there for oil, im not saying he is or isnt, but it is his fault our marines are over there...and it is either kill or be killed....our marines arent over there killing to get oil for themselves u dumb f*cks
dreamgene (12 years ago)
Its official, The backbone of this great country does not include mindless little kids that pop bullsh*t off the top of their heads. Respect for the warriors fighting for you f*ckups is DEMANDED!!! One day i truly believe you will be faced with the dilemma to fight for what you believe in or die like a f*cking coward. May all things good be with you on that day......I said my part.
soldierjoe83 (13 years ago)
Hey Pig and Squid all i have to say is i may not belive in what you say. But ill defend your right to say it!!! No matter how f*cking stupid it may be why dont you jacka$$es pick up your signs and go protest peace you f*cking hippes do you forget sept 11. And if we did put them out there Doc they would be one of them puss who fake sh*t and be broke dicks. They should just stay hiding in there rooms, there just a waste of space in the great country we defend. And Pig shut up. Your a waste to this nation
DocTrejo (13 years ago)
You guys talking all that $h** should try going over there and seeing what its like. All the sacrifices my marines and fellow Docs have made you selfish bastards should be put on the front lines and used to test mine fields.
sweetsarahsmile (13 years ago)
God bless these guys and all who are over in that hellhole.
Pig (13 years ago)
ugh for f*cks sake, this is sick, who the hell are they shooting at? hey soldier do you like killing people or something you sick bastard gung-ho idiot you kill innocent people to get your greedy hands on some oil. you expect iraqis to roll over while you rape their country goddammit :@
soldierjoe83 (13 years ago)
Hey squid i was there for the November invasion of Falluja. And i doubt you where ever there and they got what they got. So dont talk about things you where never there for. We lost some good people and you sit there and b*tch about us take off your f*&king peace pin and join this country you damn hippy:@
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